Alive App FAQ

A program is a fitness plan created by Whitney that you can join. A program is broken up into weeks with planned workouts for each week. Each program is unique depending on what works best for you. All programs are included with a premium subscription.

We recommend only participating in one program at a time (these workouts are intense girl) so if you have joined a program but for some reason want to switch you will need to “finish” the program you are in and enroll in the other program. All programs are available to active premium users.

We know there are times you are on the go or want to do a specific workout. Daily workouts are single workouts broken up into different categories. All Daily workouts are available to active premium users.

Go to the journey section and tap on “add photo” it will ask if you want to use your camera roll or take a photo. The app will ask for your permission to access your photos and camera. Select or take a photo and you're set. The app will time stamp it with the date you uploaded.

The path to a fit life is a journey not an overnight process. Consistency is key so as you continually hit your goals we will reward you with achievements along the way!

So you found a bug in the app, did you. We tried to track them all down but as they say it’s not a matter of if but when you’ll find a bug in an app. So first off sorry for whatever the bug caused and thank you for caring enough to let us know. Contact us using the form below.

Each program offered by Alive varies in length ranging from 4- 10 weeks.

Alive is offered on both IOS and Android devices.

When viewing one of your active programs, you can reorder the schedule by clicking and dragging on the right side of the row.

In order to access this feature, tap the icon in the top right corner of the Exercise Detail screen (where you can view the video of Whitney performing the exercise) while you are performing a workout. The button will update to the last weight you recorded.

Not currently, but we are considering adding this feature in future releases.

You can redeem your iTunes gift card in the Apple app store for the Apple ID you use to pay your Alive subscription. Follow the instructions here -

Alive does not currently offer a student discount, however special offers may become available in the future.

Getting Started

You can download the Alive app for free from the Apple App store or Google Play store. You will be asked to create an account and set up Alive premium to gain full access to all workouts and programs you can sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Alive premium gives you access to all the features in the app. This includes all programs, daily workouts, and journey features.

Alive premium offers two auto-renewing subscriptions, one monthly and one annually, both include a 7-day trial period. Your subscription will automatically renew charging your credit card through your iTunes or Google Play account unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You may manage your subscriptions and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after the purchase. For more information see our Billing Terms.

Yes, we want to ensure Alive is a perfect fit for you and your goals, because of this there is a 7-day trial period for both the monthly and yearly subscription!

There are a variety of workouts from no equipment, dumbbell only, and full gym equipment. If you don’t have gym equipment or access to a gym fear not there are plenty of HIIT and Ab workouts to keep you fit.

The workouts range from 3 min - 90 min.

Yes, we have only just begun.

My Account

After purchase, manage your subscriptions in the Apple App Store Or Google Play Account Settings. Or you can tap on your profile then tap on the subscription tab then tap manage subscription. This will forward you to the Apple or Google subscription management page where you can cancel your subscription.

No, your data will be saved to your account even if you unsubscribe.

You can update your profile information in the app by tapping on the profile tab (icon on the bottom right).

After purchase, manage your subscriptions in the Apple App Store Or Google Play Account Settings. Or you can tap on your profile then tap on the subscription tab then tap manage subscription. This will forward you to the Apple or Google subscription management page where you can cancel your subscription.

To manage your subscriptions in the Apple App Store Or Google Play Account Settings please click on your profile, then tap on the subscription management page.

Unfortunately, Alive does not offer exchanges or returns at this time, all subscriptions and purchases are final.

Fitness Support

The reason Alive is designed this way is because of a principle called "progressive overload", this is a method of strength training that allows for you to gradually increase the weight at which you perform each exercise resulting in gaining overall strength.By repeating the same exercises weekly in the program you will notice over time that you are getting stronger and the movements are becoming easier!

Although warmup and cooldown are highly encouraged, Alive is designed to be as personal as possible and we want users to have the option to customize this aspect of their workout.

With such a wide variety of programs Alive has something for everyone, if your main goal is resistance training and gaining strength we recommend Alive beginner, Alive 1.0, Alive 2.0, and then Alive strong in that order. If you prefer interval training Alive inside is our HIIT program that will ensure you get your heart racing. Alive At Home is perfect for anyone who may not have access to a gym or prefers sweating in the comfort of their own home, this program requires minimal equipment with maximum results.

Alive inside is designed to keep your heart rate elevated through a High-Intensity Interval training-styled workout. While Alive at home is a resistance training program designed to build strength and muscle all done in the comfort of your own home.

All reps in Alive programs are to be done in total by both sides unless specified otherwise. For example, 12 reps would be done by alternating 6 on each side.

Apple Watch App

WatchOS8 requires iPhone 6s or later with IOS 15 or later and an Apple Watch Series 3 or later model.

Update to the most recent version of Alive on your iPhone and it will automatically download to your watch, but if it doesn’t you can check the watch app on your phone and manually download it there.

Yes! You can re download the app to your watch manually in the Apple watch app on your phone.

When you open the Alive watch app you will be prompted to select a workout on your iPhone and then from there the watch screen will sync up and take you through your workout!

Yes! The Alive app can track calories and heart rate throughout your workout and sync to Apple health.


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